Our Story


Welcome to Brooksees, where the comfort and joy of childhood are woven into every thread! Founded by a passionate wife, mother, and now grandmother, my journey into creating this brand was inspired by the remarkable experiences of raising three incredible children. Their inspiration, creativity, and love were the driving force behind the inception of Brooksees.
As a doting grandmother to a precious little boy, my journey took a delightful turn when I began shopping for him even before his arrival. It was during these moments that the seed for Brooksees was planted—a vision to provide the softest and most durable bamboo blend pajamas and clothing for infants and children, ensuring every child experiences comfort in every dream and playtime adventure.
This endeavor wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of my beloved family. They've been instrumental in helping me bring this dream to life, standing by me as we establish and grow this company together.
Over the past year, I've dedicated my time to meticulous research and planning, ensuring that each garment we create embodies the essence of quality, comfort, and style. At Brooksees, we're committed to crafting clothing that reflects the joy of childhood, fostering delightful memories for families around the world.
Thank you for joining us on this beautiful journey. Together, let's dress our little ones in comfort, style, and love with Brooksees.
Founder, Brooksees